The Teleport Facility

Focused on the future and technically prepared in this fast and ever evolving digital world.

The facility and its entire
infrastructure were purpose-built and
completed in 2009.

Certified by the World Teleport Association WTA offers the world’s only certification program for teleports, covering facilities, technical infrastructure and operating procedures.

A wide visible arc of 80°E – 55.5°W reaching all prime satellites and over 80 RX/TX provides exceptional capabilities for transmitting and receiving signals to all continents all around the world.

STN provides global telecommunication services in C, Ku, and DBS frequency bands.

STN has PoPs in all major data centers in Europe and is further connected with fiber networks spanning worldwide. Our fiber network empowers high-quality performance through redundant and diverse routes around the globe.

We optimize IP solutions ensuring a secure, efficient, and cost-effective option for content delivery. High-speed internet capability of up to 10G and more on demand.

STN remains a leader in operations due to continuous upgrades and technical investments, ensuring readiness for growing demands in channel turnaround, content distribution, and urgent projects.

Technical solution

Inspired by technical possibilities empowered by achievements.

Service solution

Maximising service solutionspossibilities.
Minimising turnaround time.


Shaping the digital future with our forward-thinking approach.


Shaping the digital future with our forward-thinking approach.

Providing Broadcasting Excellence through our Years of Experience and Extensive Expertise.

Our clients and partners

Delivering your content with the Power of Premium Innovative Solutions.

STN offers a diverse range of services including satellite services worldwide, new and advanced cloudsolutions, integration with new dedicated OTT platforms, cutting-edge Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for free-to-air satellite channels, a comprehensive end-to-end Occasional Use and Co-Location available to our customers.

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