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We take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Our team of skilled professionals and our passion for innovation, combined with our highest quality and flexible service,emphasizes why we are the trusted partner of choice, focused on the future and dedicated to your success.

Established in 2004, STN has evolved into a Leading Global Teleport.With a foundation built on expertise and a profound understanding of service requirements and customer support,STN has emerged as a reliable and trusted partner to hundreds of broadcasters and content owners worldwide.Our unrivaled service turn-around time meets the demand for time-dependent projects and all are supported 24/7 by our team of dedicated professionals.We continue expanding our offerings to meet the ever-increasing demands of our fast-paced digital world, bringing new and innovative solutions to clients.

STN remains a leader in operations due to continuous upgrades and technical investments, ensuring readiness for growing demands in channel turnaround, content distribution, and urgent projects.

Guiding them seamlessly from the initial stages to the completion of service packages

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, STN maximizes broadcasting opportunities, enabling projects to grow from region to region or on a global scale.

At the core of the infrastructure lies the latest technology, guaranteeing secure, reliable, and uninterrupted high-quality services.

STN remains a leader in operations due to continuous upgrades and technical investments, ensuring readiness for growing demands in channel turnaround, content distribution, and urgent projects.


Building long-term relationships is the foundation of our business. At STN the client is paramount and their trust is essential to us.


We are dedicated to delivering our services to the highest standards, never sacrificing quantity over quality.

Security & Continuity

Unparalleled infrastructure and systems security and back up ensure your content runs seamlessly and protected.

Fast Service Turnaround

We pride ourselves on our unrivalled service turnaround time. We never cut corners but shave time to get your service where it needs to be!

Our History



  • STN & iKOMG announce Merger at IBC 2023

Moving forward

  • New partnerhship on services with iKOMG
  • Teleport certification renewal

Upgrade of facility Systems

  • STN uses this time to upgrade facility systems
  • UPS and security upgrades
  • All Services run smoothly
  • Travel restrictions & Working from home continue
  • Some exhibitions cancelled

COVID 19 Global Pandemic

  • March – Covid 19 spreads around the world
  • Lockdown restrictions enforced by Governments
  • Travel restrictions & Working from home
  • STN adapts quickly and all Services run smoothly

STN achieves full Teleport Certification by WTA

  • Building permission granted for additional purchased land
  • The STN brand grows worldwide

STN strengthens Partnerships in new regions

  • STN Strengthens Position in Africa
  • Stronger partnerships develop in the Asia Pacific region
  • Complete upgrade of monitoring systems
  • Redesign of security infrastructure
  • Provisional Teleport Certificate from WTA

A Progressive Year

  • Development plans move forward for extended dish farm
  • STN brand grows in Asia-Pacific
  • Ongoing technical upgrades
  • Next-level OTT services
  • Partners with Intelsat for Galaxy Postcards (G19)

Awarded Independent Teleport Operator of the Year

Further expansion and new antennae


Rebranding & complete infrastructure upgrade.

  • Company Rebranding
  • Company reorganisation & New Director appointments
  • Addition of 2 transponders over Yahsat Satellite
  • OTT services upgraded with Elemental Technology
  • Planning prepared for company expansion

10th Anniversary celebration

  • Increased capacity
  • Additional 100 channels go on air
  • STN joins anti-Piracy Coalition

Technology advancement

  • Successful start of a new DTH platform in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Ka band antenna with innovative enhancement that allows stable signal on this frequency
  • Steady growth and new goals
  • Future development plans
  • Purchase additional 10.000 m² of land adjacent current HQ location
  • Over 40 Employees
  • 21 TX and 65 RX antennas
  • Over 5400 fully equiped rack units

STN – A stronger competitor

  • Phase II complete
  • Strengthen position by expanding in the MENA region
  • Accomplished further success in North American market as the leader for diaspora TV channels

Phase two development gets underway

  • STN continued realizing its plan by starting phase II development
  • Additional 5000 m² for new dishes including two 9 meter antenna
  • STN successfully entered the North and South American market

New Markets New Horizons

  • The company continued expanding its market portfolio and began its first prime DTH platform in African region
  • Increasing channel numbers and new client interest.

STN Launch –New State-of-the-art-teleport-facility in Dob – Slovenia

  • New facility giving way to additional projects and increasing client portfolio
  • STN becomes the first European company to penetrate the Middle East and North African market broadcast.
  • Acquisition of OB Company DVB pro (Digital Video Broadcasting) has allowed STN to provide new Occasional use service.

Construction Begins on New 5000 m² Site

  • With capacity limits reaching the limits in current premises, relocation is foreseen for the company’s future
  • STN purchased covering 5000 m² for phase I of a much larger plan and construction gets quickly underway.
  • 60 + and counting.

First Significant expansion to meet increasing demands.

  • Increased premises size 10 fold
  • Space increase to 520 m² for offices, monitoring & equipment centres, and a dish farm on the roof
  • Started new service of DTH platform with 30 TV channels.
2005 - 2006

New clients and New Equipment


STN the company is established

  • 2 employees and 50 m² of space-based in Ljubljana – Slovenia
  • 2 channels broadcasting using its first distribution satellite covering the European market
  • 4 Antennas (3RX + 1TX) for uplink/downlink reception and a maximum capacity of 168 Rack Units hosting all the equipment

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