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STN Year in Review

The year 2023 proved to be a dynamic period for our industry, marked by significant developments for both our sector and STN.

We are pleased to share key highlights and news from this eventful year. The start of 2023 brought a surge of revitalized energy across various markets, creating an undeniable momentum that captivated our attention. Throughout the year, exhibitions unfolded seamlessly, devoid of the disruptions that had previously impacted them. Enthusiasm for travel and a return to in-person engagements filled the atmosphere, creating a clear sense of resurgence.

STN, certainly aligned with the industry’s pace, strode into the year by participating as an exhibitor at CABSAT during the spring. That endeavor proved highly successful, particularly given the robust presence of STN clients in the MENA region. With more than 15 years of engagement at the Dubai World Trade Center, the timing was opportune for us to showcase our latest offerings, including new OTT platforms, cloud-based services, streaming solutions, and occasional use; fulfilling a comprehensive suite of services for our customers. Meanwhile, within the ever-evolving industry landscape, notable events unfolded. New satellites were launched, companies experienced growth, and some underwent transformative changes. In September, STN made headlines at IBC by announcing its merger with iKO Media Group. This strategic move, rooted in the successful collaboration on prior projects, marked a significant milestone.

The merger aimed to leverage collective resources and talent, resulting in a new entity poised to offer a robust foundation and innovative services. The positive response to the merger announcement was encouraging, and clients swiftly began to experience the benefits of this alliance. Immediate access to expanded satellite services worldwide, new and advanced cloud solutions, integration with new dedicated OTT regional platforms (MENAFLIX), the introduction of a cutting-edge Electronic Program Guide (EPG) editor for free-to-air satellite channels, and comprehensive end-to-end Occasional Use Solutions became available to our customers. However, this amalgamation was just the initial step in the journey of the newly formed entity that is comprised of iKO Media Group and STN. There is much more to unfold in the coming year, and we highly suggest that you keep a close eye on further developments from this group during 2024.

Mitja Lovsin