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STN & Intelsat, a Partnership that allows Broadcasters to reach New Audiences Efficiently.


STN is a leading innovative, forward-thinking global teleport facility and is firmly placed at the cutting edge of satellite, broadcast, connectivity, and co-location services. With one of the world’s most highly developed internet infrastructures, STN Slovenia has virtually unlimited capacities with complete double or triple redundancy/diversity options. STN provides global telecommunication services in C-, Ku-, DVB-s and Ka-band for all prime satellites to all continents around the world. Intelsat and STN first began working together more than 15 years ago, when at that time STN was looking for a satellite provider to partner with as they wanted to expand their business outside of Europe.


Broadcasters need to provide the right content to the right audience in the right market. Identifying the main communities enables them to determine what content and channels should be made available to this region. With this information broadcasters, need to identify the best way, the best partners, and the best platform to broadcast their content and reach their viewers. Broadcasters need to maximize revenue opportunities by expanding their audience reach, particularly to those audiences who identify with their content. Content needs to be easily found and watched regardless of broadband reliability at home with a guarantee of a quality viewing experience. Whether they are far from home and want to stay up to date on what is happening on the other side of the world or simply want to access channels from other countries, a growing number of viewers in North America is looking for foreign media content.


Intelsat and STN, through Galaxy 19, the largest independent direct-to-home (DTH) TV and radio community in North America, partner to provide broadcasters with the ideal platform to reach targeted viewers. They give broadcasters access to a platform that delivers specialty content from 50 countries in nearly 30 languages to above 1.2 million viewers and has the largest concentration of faith-based programming with around 200 channels. This content is watched by 33% of all Farsi speakers and 28% of all Arabic speakers in the U.S.*Single solution targets all TV households, not just the 80% who have broadband. STN enables broadcasters to easily upgrade their channels from SD to HD, to ensure their viewers the flexibility of choice for the next level of the quality viewing experience.

It is incredibly valuable for us, as a satellite operator, to be able work with companies such as STN. They are able to offer value added services and applications that fit perfectly with our own product portfolio. Our partnership enables broadcasters to target new viewers and achieve growth, often in new and exciting ways.

– Rhys Morgan, Regional Vice President, Intelsat

Our strong long-term partnership with Intelsat is very important to us. As a start-up nearly 20 years ago, we began one of our early projects with Intelsat for DTH regional broadcast, and it proved to be a great success. Since then we have continued to grow and develop our solutions in areas that can complement Intelsat’s product portfolio, allowing client’s content to be delivered securely regionally or globally.

– Mitja Lovsin, General Manager, STN