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Meet STN at Satellite 2019 Media & Entertainment

Satellite 2019, The Business of Meaningful Connections.

May 6th – 9th, Washington Convention Center, DC

Explore next-generation streaming and content delivery technology being driven by consumer demand. Satellites have always played an essential role in providing a high-quality viewing experience for consumers. In the fast-moving world of broadcast and media, innovation is key, and SATELLITE exhibitors are ready to continue serving the market with next-generation services. You won’t find a larger show floor dedicated to the technology driving content delivery. Attendees from nearly every major broadcasting company attend SATELLITE seeking unparalleled delivery of content and unrivaled pricing in Ultra-HD Adoption, Occasional-Use, Video Streaming, OTT and more.
During SATELLITE Week, you’ll discuss major issues such as Mobile broadband, HD, Ultra HD streaming media, 4G and 5G markets, Cellular backhaul, Maritime and aero connectivity, IoT and connected devices
Ground segment technology, Small satellite constellations, GEO, MEO, and LEO spacecraft technology, Imagery and satellite sensing, Big data analytics
Cyber and network security, Government and military satellite communications and more!

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