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Inspiring the Engineers of tomorrow

STN article featured in Satellite Evolution Magazine

The youth represent our future. It’s often said, but it is the truth – and therefore it is so important that we, as an industry, acknowledge and encourage ambition in the teleport industry. Ours may be a niche sector, but it has so much to offer and it’s such an exciting industry to be involved with, especially at the moment. Look at the developments that are going on – HTS, the emergence of massive LEO constellations and a shift from our traditional video business to data. It’s an exciting time to be involved in an industry that has had to re-invent itself and ensure that its unique capabilities remain relevant.

Since our teleport was established, STN has always been very keen to engage young minds and to eventually enable them to progress to a career in engineering. We have often heard the lament that there are not enough young people coming into our industry and that things need to change, and at STN, we agree. It is critical that we encourage the next generation to take an interest in technology as it is set to play a critical role in our future and our evolving user requirements  – 5G, M2M, IoT, the Cloud, virtual networks and AI, machine learning and data trading.

Read more in the Jan/Feb issue of Satellite Evolution 2020.