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STN’s dedicated team is at your disposal ready to help and support your needs.
In case you require additional service or would like to change the existing service, please contact our Sales team.

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+386 1 527 24 55

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“We are here for you”


The Teleport and Broadcasting services are delivered to the customer in real-time on a continuous basis and the slightest problem with their quality will be immediately noticed by the customer.

That’s why STN is ensuring a 24/7 customer support team working to quickly resolve any eventual problem the customer might experience with the received services. Fast and diverse support service is included as a standard option in all services provided by STN.

What is the best way to contact support?

Most customers like to contact the support team over the phone line and get personal real-time assistance concerning their issue.

However, the inflexibilities of phone communication in transferring information about a complex issue make an email support more suitable. In both cases our support team will respond immediately and at least give you progress updates if the nature of reported issue requires more time then usually expected.

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+386 1 527 24 55

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