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STN, Pointing in the right direction.

Clayton Vallabhan visited STN facility and had an exclusive look at how the teleport  is rapidly evolving beyond traditional point-to-point broadcasting. Read more in:  SATELLITEPRO May 2016

9. maj, 2016


WTA Executive dialog

WTA has released a series of new videos as part of its Executive Dialogue Series. These videos feature leading industry executives discussing end-to-end solutions, upcoming satellite-terrestrial technologies, and turning innovation into profit at NAB Show 2016. Here’s what CCO – Mitja Lovsin & CTO- Tomaz Lovsin had to contribute: Tomaz Lovsin, CTO, STN – The […]

9. maj, 2016

Press Release

Reaching Out To The World…

With the rate of technological changes throughout our industry, occasionally the human factor can get lost in the noise. All over the world teleport operators are asked the same question, “What is it you do?” Read more in: SatMagazine  

6. maj, 2016


STN takes a global perspective

Speaking to Broadband TV News, Anver Anderson, the company’s general manager, said that it currently delivers 650 TV channels worldwide. It covers the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the US and soon also hopes to serve Latin America. One of its main focuses at the moment is Asia, with the objective being to deliver programming […]

27. april, 2016

Press Release

Award winning Teleport

STN an award winning teleport. Read more in : Satellite Market & Research

11. marec, 2016


STN awarded as Independent Teleport Operator of the Year 2016

Yesterday in Washington the World Teleport Association (WTA) announced STN as the winner of this year’s Independent Teleport Operator of the year. (New York City and Washington, DC, March 8, 2016) – The World Teleport Association (WTA) today announced the winners of the 21st annual Teleport Awards for Excellence during an exclusive luncheon at SATELLITE 2016. The awards […]

10. marec, 2016

Press Release

STN Deploys Walton De-Ice Systems for its Satellite Earth Station Antennas

Hot Air Is Cool Solution… STN Deploys Walton De-Ice Systems for Its Satellite Earth Station Antennas Read more in: SATNEWS

3. marec, 2016


STN Announced in the Top 3 Independent Teleports 2016

WTA Announces Finalists for the 2016 Teleport Awards for Excellence “Our finalists represent the leading edge of the business-to-business transmission industry,” said WTA Director of Development Louis Zacharilla.  “As service providers and creators of great new technologies, they are adapting to the immense changes sweeping our industry and helping to create the teleport of tomorrow.” […]

24. februar, 2016

Press Release

STN Appoints New General Manager

Dob, Slovenia, January 27th, 2016 – STN is pleased to welcome Mr. Anver Anderson aboard as the new General Manager of the company, with responsibility of  implementing on-going and new initiatives including global sales, marketing outreach and team development. Continue reading in: Talk Satellite Or Listen to interview with Mr. Anderson in: Talk Satellite    

29. januar, 2016

Press Release


STN IPO to open New Business Opportunities…. Continue reading full article in: VIA SATELLITE

4. januar, 2016



STN does it again! In the top 10 for the “Fast Twenty” teleport operating companies and In the top 20 for   “The Independent Teleport operators” 2015. Continue reading full report: World Teleport Association  

17. december, 2015


SatMagazine_STN A year in Review 2015

“As the year draws to an end, we will close another section of STN’s history to date, and, like a good book, some elements have been more exciting than others” by Andrej Lovsin To continue reading click on SatMagazine & scroll down:

15. december, 2015

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