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STN provides a comprehensive, highly proficient range of services, covering a myriad of technical possibilities that are superior to comparable competitors in the region and go far beyond the transport of signals via satellite or fiber. STN offers TV channels, radio broadcasters and content producers a high quality, cost effective outsource for all or part of their play-out and transmission requirements. The foundation of STN’s operation is based on reliable and uninterrupted services which are provided through several levels of redundancy ranging from power supply to the end transmission chains.

You can read a short description about each of our services below or download the full services pdf here.


By utilizing the latest technological advances STN delivers outstanding picture quality that ensures broadcasters distribution of SD/HD/3D/UHD channels the best overall viewing experience. Powerful stream processing and complete head end redundancy constitutes reliable transportation of the signal from source to the end users.


Signals can be received in a variety of standards and converted to any other standard using state of the art motion compensated cross converters. STN provides turnaround services in C-, Ku- and Ka-band to all continents across the world. Our unique global footprint gives you direct and reliable access to diverse multiplatform distribution options which allows your channel to grow and expand. Continuity, performance and resiliency of our complete systems are paramount and key to all of our services.


STN provides equipment hosting in a secured and cooled rack room, which is constantly controlled with three temperature sensors. Continuous power supply is ensured with fixed power, UPS and diesel generator for back-up. The reliable fibre and IP networks with virtually unlimited capacities are enabling our customers to have uninterrupted access to their equipment 24/7/365.


STN can provide various conditional access (CA) solutions. CA systems offer high level security to the already established or new pay-tv operators when and where required. STN can help to increase the security of the platform for high-value services in order to prevent piracy and safeguard a customer's revenues by offering various conditional access solutions.


STN uses an established SD/HD channel playout with advanced graphics performance with virtually unlimited layers of animated text, multi-level animations and dual channel DVEs. Customers can choose between three tier play-out options, each with its unique capability to be tailored for each customer’s specific needs.


STN offers feature limited versions of our playout system, which is configured to operate in a slave mode receiving triggers from an up-stream system to insert content into a network channel feed. This highly reliable solution allows channel owners and broadcast affiliates to insert locally-generated commercials and short programs into remotely distributed regional programs before they are delivered to home viewers.


Time Delay service is designed to compensate for time-zone differences at transmission or during reception. This application consists of delaying one or multiple incoming live programs, without causing output service interruption and ensuring continuous operation. It is equally useful for delivering content to broadcasters, and for delaying transmission.


Satellite point-to-point IP backbone and IP Trunking networks provide local networks with access to the internet (or any other type of network) from a remote access point to regions without  access to fiber or undersea cable infrastructure. Connectivity around the globe, efficiency and reliability are at the core of STN’s IP trunking services ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.


STN can offer the satellite operators/owners the space for hosting their TT&C antenna(s). Easy site access, redundant & diverse fiber network, skilled personal and tools for the whole or part of TT&C installation are all part of the package, with the option for office space if required. STN’s advantage is the strategic location which presents a wide visible arc of 120 degrees allowing easy access to all major satellites orbital positions.

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