02. October, 2012

STN – A strong competitor

Phase 2 complete Strengthen position by expanding in MENA region Accomplished success  in North American market as the leader for diaspora TV channels

02. October, 2011

Phase two development gets underway

STN continued realizing its plan by starting phase two development Additional 5000 m²  for new dishes including  two 9 meter antenna New opportunities STN successfully enters  the North and South American market  

02. October, 2010

New Markets New Horizons

The Company continued expanding its market portfolio and started first prime DTH platform over African region Increasing channel numbers and new client interest

02. October, 2009

STN Relaunch – State-of-the-art-facility

STN celebrates its fifth anniversary and officially launches new teleport in Dob – Slovenia New facility giving way to additional projects and increasing client portfolio STN becomes first European company penetrating the Middle East and North African market Acquisition of OB Company DVB pro (Digital Video Broadcasting) has allowed STN to provide new Occasional use […]

02. October, 2008

New Facility construction begins to accommodate rapid growth

With capacity limits reaching the limits in current premises, relocation is foreseen for the company’s future development The decision was made and STN purchased its first plot of prime land covering 5000 m² Construction gets quickly underway for a two phase project Currently 9 Employees 60 TV channels

23. October, 2007

First Significant expansion to meet increasing demands

Increased premises size 10 fold Space now totaling 520 m² for business offices, monitoring center, equipment center, ingest and a dish farm on the roof Started new clients DTH platform with 30 TV channels

30. September, 2005

New clients new antennas

Additional TV channels Additional 1 TX with 4.9 meters in diameter and 3 RX Antennas

26. September, 2004

Company Foundation

In June 2004 STN was founded and began its modest beginning 2 employees and 50 m² of space based in Ljubljana – Slovenia 2 channels broadcasting using its first distribution satellite covering European market – SESAT 1 4 Antennas (3RX + 1TX) for uplink/downlink reception and maximum capacity of 168 Rack Units hosting all the equipment

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