28. April, 2021

2021 – Upgrade of facility Systems

COPING WITH  COVID 19 STN uses this time to upgrade facility systems UPS & Security upgrades All Services run smoothly Travel restrictions & Working from home continue Some exhibitions cancelled BUSINESS AS USUAL

22. April, 2020

COVID 19 Global Pandemic

COPING WITH  COVID 19 March – Covid 19 spreads around the world Lockdown restrictions enforced by Governments Travel restrictions & Working from home STN adapts quickly and all Services run smoothly BUSINESS AS USUAL    

08. October, 2018

Further Reach & Upgrades

STN strengthens position in Africa Stronger partnerships develop in the Asia Pacific region Complete upgrade of monitoring systems Redesign of security infrastructure Provisional Teleport Certificate from WTA  

08. October, 2017

A Progressive Year

Development plans move forward for extended dish farm STN brand grows in Asia-Pacific Ongoing technical upgrades Next level OTT services Partners with Intelsat for Galaxy Postcards (G19)  

08. October, 2015

Rebranding & complete infrastructure upgrade

Company Rebranding Company reorganisation & New Director appointments Addition of 2 transponders over Yahsat Satellite OTT services upgraded with Elemental Technology Planning prepared for company expansion

08. October, 2014

A Decade of experience

10 year anniversary celebration Increased capacity Additional 100 channels go on air STN joins anti-Piracy Coalation

08. October, 2013

Technology advancement

Successful start of a new DTH platform in sub-Saharan Africa Ka band antenna with innovative enhancement  that allows stable signal on this frequency Steady growth and new goals Future development plans Purchase additional 10.000 m² of land adjacent current HQ location Over 40 Employees 21 TX and 65 RX antennas Over 5400 fully equiped rack […]

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