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Coverage over North America with G19 Satellite @ 97° West

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GalaxyPostcards (Intelsat’s G19 Satellite @ 97°W) broadcasts a variety of faith-based programming to millions of households across North America.
Offering over 70 channels in 8 languages, viewers of all ages can watch an assortment of content.
Allowing programmers to have access to a broad & dedicated target audience
G19 (Intelsat’s GalaxyPostcards Satellite @ 97°W)  reaches millions of homes across North America, including the 14% without #broadband.
Join the growing number of channels on G19 Satellite @ 97° west.
STN teleport is a provider of high quality and cost-effective channel distribution services via satellite and fiber.
We would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

23. November, 2018

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