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Since its inception in 2004, STN, the Satellite Telecommunications Network, has significantly grown to become a leader amongst teleports on a global scale. With world-class facilities that elevate industry standards, STN is a provider of solutions for broadcast over satellite. In addition to its cutting-edge facilities, STN is celebrated for its quality of services that include multiple solutions, satellites and platforms. Its specialty is tailoring services to ideally suit individual customer’s requirements, making it a single state-of-the-art emporium with quality highlighting everything you need.

STN’s range of expertise is diverse, enabling the company to facilitate single channel start-ups as well as transmit multiple top-tier direct-to-home satellite platforms, while serving everything in between. Through professionalism and vast industry knowledge, STN has earned a reputation that is punctuated by reliability, trustworthiness, high quality and an unrivalled turnaround time. It is a trusted partner of choice to hundreds of channels to date.    

Every client is addressed with a one-to-one, informative consultation, starting from the enquiry through to the package completion and delivery. STN is able to maximise the broadcasting possibilities by utilising the most effective technology available on the market. It is STN’s cutting-edge technical infrastructure that affords complete peace of mind, as reliable, uninterrupted high-quality services are ensured. 

Whether the need is to go global or reach the individual regions of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas, STN will provide services fine-tuned to your specific budget and requirements in the quickest time possible. The company also offers spare capacity on a rolling basis in order to seamlessly accommodate demand for increasing channel turnaround and time-dependent projects.





600+ TV
Channels already transmitting

Content distribution over all regions

Fiber Network

STN is focused on the future and technically prepared in this fast and ever evolving digital world.


  • Inspired by technical possibilities empowered by achievements
  • Maximizing service solution possibilities, minimizing turnaround time
  • Never sacrificing quality to gain quantity
  • A trusted & flexible partner with our focus on your success


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