Company Foundation

What happened
  • In June 2004 STN was founded and began its modest beginning
  • 2 employees and 50 m² of space based in Ljubljana – Slovenia
  • 2 channels broadcasting using its first distribution satellite covering European market – SESAT 1
  • 4 Antennas (3RX + 1TX) for uplink/downlink reception and maximum capacity of 168 Rack Units hosting all the equipment

New clients new antennas

What happened
  • Additional TV channels
  • Additional 1 TX with 4.9 meters in diameter and 3 RX Antennas

First Significant expansion to meet increasing demands

What happened
  • Increased premises size 10 fold
  • Space now totaling 520 m² for business offices, monitoring center, equipment center, ingest and a dish farm on the roof
  • Started new clients DTH platform with 30 TV channels

New Facility construction begins to accommodate rapid growth

What happened
  • With capacity limits reaching the limits in current premises, relocation is foreseen for the company’s future development
  • The decision was made and STN purchased its first plot of prime land covering 5000 m²
  • Construction gets quickly underway for a two phase project
  • Currently 9 Employees
  • 60 TV channels

STN Relaunch – State-of-the-art-facility

What happened
  • STN celebrates its fifth anniversary and officially launches new teleport in Dob – Slovenia
  • New facility giving way to additional projects and increasing client portfolio
  • STN becomes first European company penetrating the Middle East and North African market
  • Acquisition of OB Company DVB pro (Digital Video Broadcasting) has allowed STN to provide new Occasional use service

New Markets New Horizons

What happened
  • The Company continued expanding its market portfolio and started first prime DTH platform over African region
  • Increasing channel numbers and new client interest

Phase two development gets underway

What happened
  • STN continued realizing its plan by starting phase two development
  • Additional 5000 m²  for new dishes including  two 9 meter antenna
  • New opportunities
  • STN successfully enters  the North and South American market



STN – A strong competitor

What happened
  • Phase 2 complete
  • Strengthen position by expanding in MENA region
  • Accomplished success  in North American market as the leader for diaspora TV channels

Technology advancement

What happened
  • Successful start of a new DTH platform in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Ka band antenna with innovative enhancement  that allows stable signal on this frequency
  • Steady growth and new goals
  • Future development plans
  • Purchase additional 10.000 m² of land adjacent current HQ location
  • Over 40 Employees
  • 21 TX and 65 RX antennas
  • Over 5400 fully equiped rack units

A Decade of experience

What happened
  • 10 year anniversary celebration
  • Increased capacity
  • Additional 100 channels go on air
  • STN joins anti-Piracy Coalation

Rebranding & complete infrastructure upgrade

What happened
  • Company Rebranding
  • Company reorganisation & New Director appointments
  • Addition of 2 transponders over Yahsat Satellite
  • OTT services upgraded with Elemental Technology
  • Planning prepared for company expansion

Awarded Independent Teleport Operator of the Year

What happened
  • WTA awards STN – Independent Teleport Operator 2016
  • STN- On the grow again

A Progressive Year

What happened
  • Development plans move forward for extended dish farm
  • STN brand grows in Asia-Pacific
  • Ongoing technical upgrades
  • Next level OTT services
  • Partners with Intelsat for Galaxy Postcards (G19)



Further Reach & Upgrades

What happened
  • STN strengthens position in Africa
  • Stronger partnerships develop in the Asia Pacific region
  • Complete upgrade of monitoring systems
  • Redesign of security infrastructure
  • Provisional Teleport Certificate from WTA



STN Teleport is fully certified by the WTA

What happened
  • STN achieves full Teleport Certification by WTA
  • Building permission granted for additional purchased land
  • The STN brand grows worldwide

COVID 19 Global Pandemic

What happened
  • March – Covid 19 spreads around the world
  • Lockdown restrictions enforced by Governments
  • Travel restrictions & Working from home
  • STN adapts quickly and all Services run smoothly




2021 - Upgrade of facility Systems

What happened
  • STN uses this time to upgrade facility systems
  • UPS & Security upgrades
  • All Services run smoothly
  • Travel restrictions & Working from home continue
  • Some exhibitions cancelled


2022 - Moving foward

What happened
  • WTA Teleport Certification Renewal
  • New Partnership



2023 - History in the making

What happened

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