06. September, 2018

STN: In full control and looking to the future with Crystal Clarity

“Innovation and advancement in technologies give way to enhanced service (re)solution possibilities.

At STN our clients and their content are paramount; hence we required an intelligent monitoring system that would allow us to not only to detect but predict any threats before they become reality.

Complete monitoring and control of virtually all equipment used at STN, intelligent switching and notifications, performance analysis, uplink power control, and logging are additional features which are indispensable for STN engineers and operators. That is why for us the Crystal NMS system was a clear choice.”  Commented Tomaž Lovšin – CTO-STN.

Roger Franklin, CEO, Crystal, added: “As a global provider of Broadcast, Media and Data delivery solutions, STN is growing from strength to strength, year on year. It has always held its tradition to deliver high-quality service solutions that go beyond expectations, which includes investing in the latest innovation to ensure it retains the highest possible quality at all times. We are extremely proud to be delivering Crystal Control NMS to help STN maintain that quality at all times and ensure operators are alerted to any potential anomalies before they become a problem.”

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