04. September, 2018

Standing firmly on the ground with doors wide open

The way in which we communicate has evolved beyond all recognition over a relatively short period of time and it’s all down to mobility. Our reliance on mobile devices has brought about the demand for constant connectivity, anywhere and everywhere. The hub is no longer the home or the office and businesses, governments and individuals all expect to have the same connected experience no matter where they happen to be. These changes are having a profound effect upon the teleport sector and are set to shape the satellite industry and its ground infrastructure for years to come.

While most teleports have previously focused on either data services or broadcasting services, it was very rarely the case that one teleport would divide its business equally between both segments. However, future developments in connectivity will, without doubt, make most teleports, which have been broadcast-centric, shift their focus to the data/connectivity segments. With what will probably be the biggest increase in satellite infrastructure ever, the opportunities for teleports are on the rise. We are entering a brand new era against the backdrop of announcements of ‘mega’ small satellite constellations operating in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), as well as the ‘traditional’ Geostationary (GEO) satellites. This is going to create huge opportunities as well as challenges for teleport operators, but this is most definitely an exciting time.

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