09. May, 2016

WTA Executive dialog

WTA has released a series of new videos as part of its Executive Dialogue Series.

These videos feature leading industry executives discussing end-to-end solutions, upcoming satellite-terrestrial technologies, and turning innovation into profit at NAB Show 2016.

Here’s what CCO – Mitja Lovsin & CTO- Tomaz Lovsin had to contribute:

Tomaz Lovsin, CTO, STN – The Most Important Satellite-Terrestrial Technologies of the Next Three Yearshttps://youtu.be/90X8O3mseVk
Mitja Lovsin, CCO, STN – What Does an End-to-End Solution Really Mean – and How Do You Provide It?https://youtu.be/UXIntAT_cEw
Tomaz & Mitja Lovsin – Turning Innovation into Profithttps://youtu.be/HLTClB-cVUI

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