29. September, 2015

STN aquires additional capacity on the newly launched EW8B satellite

Our unique global footprint provides all our customers simple and reliable access to diverse multi-platform distribution which allows your channel to grow in whatever direction you choose.

STN PLC is proud to announce the acquisition of an additional satellite capacity on the newly launched satellite E8WB. This new addition will ensure STNs clients the continuity of their transmission over the most popular position 7°/8°west in the region, while distributing their channels on this  un-interrupted and safe anti-jamming satellite designed for GCC & MENA region. E8WB satellite has a  huge advantage in comparasion to  all current satellites operating at this hot 7°/8° West orbital position, as it will provide safety to all its customers with the new technology which will be resistance to intentional signal interference (jamming). The anti-jamming function will further raise the bar of signal security by increasing control over uplink frequencies to the satellite, a method for mitigating deliberate interference. The 7°/8° West video neighbourhood is one of the most dynamic in the global satellite TV market, with a rapidly growing audience and channel line-up. To date 52 million homes in North Africa and the Middle East are already equipped for DTH reception of more than 1200 Arabic and international channels broadcast at this position.

STN is pleased to offer your respected channels space capacity our prime Nilesat positions.

For media distribution, success is about reaching as many viewers in as many places as possible. Wheather you’re seeking a broader regional audience or looking to create a new global distribution network, select STN as your broadcast partner to instantly harness the power of the prime global media network.

Through STN’s efficient and flexible solutions, you can reach millions of households and accelerate your speed to market while STN offers you a highly reliable and operationally efficient solution for your distribution.

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