16. December, 2014

SATNEWS_ STN teleport a year in review

Satnews – Mitja Lovsin_ Sales & Marketing director: “This year, I think anyone working in a global industry such as ours could not help but be somehow impacted by the political and economic unrest in our world. At times, the disruptions were extremely unpredictable and disturbing. What was important for us was to remain adaptable  in terms  of selecting the stronger markets where business opportunities continue to grow.

The ability to react swiftly and change course whenever necessary has always been one STN’s strong advantages—as one market slowly closes, we quickly re-construct and adapt our focus onto new opportunities.

This capability makes STN somewhat unique.”

Read more: On attached PDF SatNews_STN Article or Satnews link http://www.satmagazine.com/cgi-bin/display_article.cgi?number=2105382649

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