12. August, 2014

Collaboration is key

TV channels in the MENA are on a growth spurt and shows no signs of slowing down; cooperation with other teleports is the key to success.

The broadcast market has been witnessing a swelling number of TV channels in the MENA region for some time, with significant growth seen in the last 10 years. The cherry on top is that industry insiders expect this robust growth to continue, just like the situation over in Asia and that of down below the equator in South America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

For satellite services provider and teleport operator STN, business appears to be very good. The company will see this new growth starting in the Q1 of 2015. This robust increase in TV channels surpasses the company’s 2008-2009 boom, when the number of TV channels, antennae, revenues and employees grew. This upcoming rise sets a new precedent, one that the company is ready to not only realise but also sustain…

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