10. April, 2014

STN brings radio and TV to life

Life without television or radio is absolutely unthinkable in today’s world. Whether for education or entertainment, whether the centre of attention or white noise in the background, radio and TV are popular across all social and economic demographics and all age groups. One provider in this massive sector is STN d.o.o. based near the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, STN serves customers around the world with satellite transmission for their radio and television needs. 

STN, short for Satellite Telecommunications Networks, offers much more than just satellite and fiber services. It is an outsourcer for TV channels, radio broadcasters and content producers, providing the means for all or part of their play-out and transmission requirements. “We have the latest technology and capacity to spare to deal with increasing demand.” Says CEO Andrej Lovšin. “From power supply to the end of transmission chains, we offer reliable, uninterrupted services.”…

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