08. April, 2014

MD Tomaz Lovsin about the future of STN

The day before one of the largest operators on earth, Arqiva, was named the industry’s Independent Teleport Operator of the Year at the annual WTA awards luncheon on Washington, DC, its Managing Director of satellite, Berrie Woolston gathered with other member teleports to discuss the subject of growth. Among the topics was whether small teleport operators, especially those experiencing rapid growth, could have a future without an acquisition. 

My job was to moderate a panel that include the heads of two of the world’s best small operators, Jorge Luis Villarreal Schutz, CEO of Mexico’s Elara Communications and Tomaz Lovsin, Managing Director of Satellite Telecommunications Network (STN) in Slovenia. I wanted to ask what they thought their “next act” would be, an see if Arquiva was their model mentor – or neither. The two “indie” operators were joined by Eric Greenberg, a partner at the law firm of Paul Hastings, whose firm hosted WTA Members event. I asked, “Do you grow big, or do you go home?”…

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